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Use the Renuit Cabinet refacing visualizer to explore your endless options in updating your kitchen.

Change cabinets, flooring, countertops, paint and backsplashes in different kitchen settings. Use the Renuit Cabinet Refacing Visualizer to help create, print and share your dream kitchen.



Step 1: Pick the layout that most resembles your kitchen

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"L" Shape with ISLAND


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Photo Upload & Masking


For best results, photos should be: No less than 1600 pixels wide
No larger than 16MB in file size
Landscape format (Wider than tall)
High quality and focus
An unobstructed, well centered view of the area of interest.






Upload a Room Scene

Select a photo from your computer by clicking "Choose File". Then click "Continue" once your image has been uploaded.

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Click and drag while holding to pan image


Hold to modify layer shapes

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Background image courtesy of Dutch Boy Paints

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Containing your preview will allow you to see your entire scene/design without any clipping. Expand your preview to return to the full-screen view

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Saving & Printing

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Draw Tools

There are 2 drawing tools available to you.

The Draw Line tool will allow you to create unique shapes, this is useful for scenes that have many details.

The Draw Rectangle tool allows you to create a rectangle, and then adjust the points as needed to match your perspective.

Erase Tools

There are 2 erase tools available to you . They work the same as their 'Draw Tool' counterparts, but allow you to erase mistakes, or can be used to remove scene details such as photo frames or plants from your masking layer.


You can use the Zoom buttons below to increase or decrease your image preview while masking. Alternatively, you can use your mousewheel to control zoom.


Did you know, when holding down the spacebar, you can click and drag the masking area to 'pan' around your image while zoomed in.

Move the Masking Toolbar

Sometimes the masking toolbar can be in the way. Simply click and hold the 'Move' arrows , to drag the bar to a more convenient position.

Layer Selection

This area shows a list of your layers, as well as displays which layer is currently selected. If you have a large number of layers, use the arrows to scroll through the horizontal list.

Add a new Layer

Click the green button to add a new layer. You will be asked to select a type of layer. These layer types will be referenced when applying product later on.

Edit layer type

Click the yellow button to modify the type of the currently selected layer.

Remove layer

Click the red button to delete the currently selected layer.

Step 2

When you have finished masking your design using the draw and erase tools, click on Step 2 to adjust the opacity of your masking layers.


The Brightness control allows you to control the opacity of your layers. Use the Preview button to see the changes. When you are happy with your layers, click the Finish button to begin applying product.

That's It!

You are all done masking. Return to steps 1 or 2 if you would like to make adjustments. Otherwise click 'Start Designing' to begin applying product.